Welcome to TES family of sailboats.

    TES-YACHT firm has been on the market for above 30 years!


    Since 1980 Tomasz SIWIK, designer and owner, offers sail boats to satisfy the needs of the most demanding cruising sailors. As a result of his passion, the owners of TES yachts appreciate their functionality, ergonomice and seaworthiness coupled with the distinct beauty noticeable from the distance. The exceptional handling on the water, speed, surprisingly spacious cabin, put TES boats in the category of fast cruisers.

    All boats are trailerable with the swing centerboard, where the keel versions for all models are available.

    The family of TES yachts consists of TES Master, TES 678/720 BT, TES Dreamer 32, TES Magnam 28, and the new addition TES 393 Illuminatus and TES 246 Versus . The smallest of the TES family, Master 550 is a very stable, comfortable cruiser with headroom of 175cm. The bigger TES 678 BT and it’s version with added swim platform TES 720 BT is the most popular model. She is sailed on white and blue waters and the CE “B” category reflects the seaworthiness. The longest, Dreamer 32, provides maximum of comfort and safety for her owners, and Her unique hull shape is noticeable from the far distance.

    Please browse through the models to learn more about them and to find your favorite one www.tes-yacht.pl

    TES is the style and the quality - you can fulfil your Dreas


    TES YACHT Sp. z o.o.

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