Meet the Tes Yacht brand.


    The combination of the passion of a Renaissance man - designer, constructor and sailor, founder of the TES YACHT brand Tomasz Siwik - with a team of experienced sailors, current brand leaders, resulted in the creation of works of nautical art - TES 246 Versus, TES 28 Magnam or the absolutely unique TES 550. Based on timeless designs and 40 years of experience, thanks to knowledge and critical thinking, we have created a boutique shipyard that brings these beautiful and graceful models to life. The shipyard itself has been continuously producing yachts in Drzewica for several decades, while the company's headquarters is located in Gdynia - the sailing capital of Poland, a city that loves sailors and for many is synonymous with freedom. Legendary constructions are constantly improved and equipped with the highest quality yacht jewelry. We take care of every detail of the boat, its nautical parameters and tasteful finish. The decks of our units are finished with high-quality teak wood. The wood is treated in such a way that it gains resistance to the harmful effects of external factors, especially moisture and salt. For development projects, we use unique construction ideas based on ergonomics and a hedonistic desire to experience pleasure. For the convenience and comfort of sailors, our models are equipped with excellent quality equipment. Its reliability gives us confidence that sailors spend their time doing what they love the most. We make sure that each of the new owners on their yacht feels like themselves. Because "being yourself is the most important aspect of freedom" (Jim Morrison).


    See which of our models is made for you: www.tes-yacht.pl


    TES YACHT Sp. z o.o.

    ul. Stefana Batorego 7/40

    81-365 Gdynia

    (+48) 604 189 489