About the Chamber

Beginning of activities

The Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports – POLBOAT was established on 11 May 2006 in Warsaw. The founding members were hundred business entities conducting activities in the field of production, services, water sports and water tourism. Multi-month efforts of a group of people, among which there were many members of the Polish Yachting Association, were successful and resulted in establishment of a superior organizational form being the Economic Chamber.

Previous Logos

Present Logo

Having conducted necessary legal actions, on 1 January this year the Chamber started its official activities. The idea of founding members is that it should continue a very successful way of activities of the Boating Industry Association “Polish Yachts”. In order to emphasize this fact, the entire property of the Association was transferred to the Chamber on the last, liquidation General Assembly held on 11 January 2007. The Economic Chamber associates twice as much members and is an obligatory partner for executive and legislative authorities. Thanks to that, we can act for interests of the whole industry in an incomparably more efficient manner. We hope that pursuant to the Act we will be able to effectively assist state and local administration.

And it is a lot of work to do. Successes and export achievements of our boating industry are known and enjoy genuine admiration of foreign competition. Time has come also to build a national market, adequate for potential of almost 40 million population in the center of Europe. We welcome everyone for whom development and well-being of broadly understood branch of water sports and tourism is very important.