Techno Marine


    Techno Marine Ltd. is well known on the boat builders market. Especially in the production of RHIBs, pilot boats, commercial boats, catamarans, tugs, dredgers and other watercrafts, constructed from glass reinforced plastic, steel and aluminum. Techno Marine offers qualified cervices, experienced management, innovative designs and construction. The use of high quality materials in combination with most advanced technology allows us to produce the boats in highest standard.


    Techno Marine is producer of leisure and professional boats from 5 till 20 meters on individual order. We offer offshore and marine yachts, motor boats, sloop boats, RHIB boats, passenger ships… and not only. The boats produced by Techno Marine are not constrained by construction material, since we produce hull in steel, aluminum, composite and mixed construction. In more demanding products, we use high modulus laminates. The location of the production facility in Malbork, with direct access to the river, allows for easy transport of larger vessel by the water way Wisła-Nogat-Szkarpawa to the ports in Gdynia and Gdańsk. Furthermore, the close proximity of a navigable body of water allows us to test and check every boat in action. Techno Marine works closely with the largest producers and suppliers of electronic and navigation equipment, as well as propulsion system. Our offer includes wide type vessel and modular construction allows for virtually limitless arrangement of their deck, seating, consoles, etc.


    Techno Marine Sp. z o.o.

    +48 55 273 40 61

    ul. Daleka 10, 82-200 Malbork