S.M. Europe


    S.M. EUROPE is the  oldest private yachts shipyard in Poland. We build ships od demand. We build custom-made yachts from 10m to 70m long. We provide service to customers from all over the world.


    We realize custom-tailored projects of the renowed construction bureau:  van de Stadt, ReinkeBeiderbeck, Larionov. We use newest, up-to-date technical and material achievements.

    We manage project of building ships from scratch and also we take over projects at different phases and stages of completion.

    We specialize in building fast oceanic yachts, basing on hulls made of the lightest, and at the same time the most toughest aluminium and steel alloys, resistant to the corrosion in a sea water.

    Our customers bring us orders for building fully equipped yachts, together with engines, masts and sails, as well as custom tailored reconstructions according to own projects.

    In furninshing interiors we apply technologies bringing high durability together with light weight. These are based on composites and sandwich plywoods.


    S.M. Europe Ltd

    ul. Doki 1,

    80-958 Gdańsk

    (+48) 58 303 80 57

    (+48) 58 304 21 10