Polish Yachting Association


    The Polish Yachting Association (PYA) is a Polish national sport association, operating since 1924. Its activities cover all forms of sailing.


    The goals of the PYA are:

    • uniting sailing clubs and associations,

    • supporting the development of sailing in all its forms, in particular Olympic and youth sailing, among others by creating a new and caring for the existing sailing infrastructure,

    • supporting activities for the safety of yacht navigation,

    • supporting all forms of cultural activities related to sailing,

    • supporting activities for the protection of the natural environment related to sailing,

    • representing the interests of organizations and persons associated in it.

    The PYA organizes sport competitions in the area of yachting in Poland. It represents Polish yachting in international yachting associations. It selects the representatives of Poland for Europe and word championships, Olympic Games and equivalent events. The PYA trains Polish yachters for yachtmaster certificates, authorising them to sail on all basins (from inland to ocean sailing); it trains sailing instructors and issues authorisation to conduct trainings and exams; it conducts yachting certification exams; under the authorisation from the state, it register of vessels used only for sports and leisure and sea-going yacht of up to 24 m hull length; it trains technical inspectors, surveyors, sport judges, and issues the relevant licenses for them; it issues seaworthiness certificates of up to 15 m hull length. The mission of the PYA is to popularize and develop sailing in Poland.


    Polski Związek Żeglarski
    al. ks. J. Poniatowskiego 1,
    03-901 Warszawa

    +48 22 541 63 63