Nomadream presents a new approach to living on the water. Modular houseboats are created according to the production standards of the yacht industry.
    The interior of the houseboat can be adapted to individual needs. The arrangement and equipment of the rooms combine home comfort and boat ergonomics. All elements are made of the most modern materials that will hold up in all conditions.


    Nomadream houseboats were created as a response to the needs of customers who value comfort and ergonomics. The brand offers spacious, fully personalized units for recreational purposes. It's the perfect solution for those who love to spend their free time surrounded by water and nature.

    Innovativeness of the Nomadream approach is based on the use of the same standards in the production of houseboats which are used in the production of yachts. Many years of experience in this industry allowed the design of a modern floating house construction, and all construction and finishing materials used in the construction of houseboots meet the restrictive standards of the yacht industry as regards water resistance, fire resistance and resistance to sunlight.

    Each Nomadream houseboat can be equipped according to the client's needs. It can be used as a stationary unit, permanently moored at the quay, or after equipping with an outboard engine become a mobile floating house, ready to explore the world together with the owner.

    The Nomadream brand also offers innovative mobile homes. These modular constructions have been designed for those who would like to enjoy comfort and spaciousness, while maintaining freedom and mobility. An infinite number of personalization options makes mobile home the best choice, tailored to the lifestyle of the customer.


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