Laminopol, is a trading company, which by its professionalism, commitment and many years of experience, has achieved the status of the largest Polish distributor of GRP processing plants.


    Our firm exists on the market Since 1989. From the beginning, we have focused on providing our customers with high quality products, safe and on time delivery in combination with competitive prices. We have built the strong distribution network in northern Poland. Our warehouses are located in Postomino near Slupsk, Gdansk, Goleniow, Ostroda, Augustow, Chojnice and the head office is in Slupsk. We also have our own transport fleet.

    We cooperate with many well-known producers of raw materials in Poland and abroad such as: Ashland, Akzo-Nobel, Sika, Metyx, Lackfa, Lantor, Zywax, Composite Integration and others. Our customers include both companies and private individuals, for whom we have prepared a rich offer which mainly covers: gelcoats, poliester, vinylester and epoxy resins, curing systems, reinforcements based on glass, aramid and carbon fibres, sandwich materials, solvents, adhesives, release and polishing agents, PU foams, as well as health & safety materials and tools.

    In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have dispensers and mixers for making any colour of gelcoats and topcoats.

    Until recently, we expanded the offer with additional service – accurate cutting of various types of materials with a proffesional cutter.

    We also offer technical support. Our technologists provide our customers with help in choosing Raw materials, comprehensive technical support and also environment al protection consultancy.


    LAMINOPOL Sp. z o.o.

    ul. Szczecińska 58

    76-200 Słupsk

    (+48 59) 845 34 63

    Fax (+48 59) 845 29 59