The concept of the company emerged many years ago #in response to the needs of the growing market for motor boats and yachts and demand for stainless steel and aluminium elements required for constructing floating vessels. Our policy is to provide the highest quality manually polished surfaces, attractive prices, just-in-time production, flexible cooperation and excellent service. For more than 30 years KOTNIZ, the leading supplier to the yacht industry in Poland and Europe, has expanded its client base which includes the largest and most notable European shipyards.



    - canopies, baskets, shields, steps, supports, railings, ladders,
    - rollers, handles, hinges, tillers, fins, yokes, elevators
    - drains, bollards, taps, chain plates, motor holders
    - tanks CE certified
    - A-Frame


    - services of laser cutting of steel, aluminium, titanium
    - services of laser cutting of pipes and closed proles
    - services of metal sheet bending on a numerical bending brake
    - services of pipe bending on numetrical bending machines.


    Production of stainless steel and alu-minium sliding doors:
    - Aluminium sliding doors - single, two, three, and four leaf
    - Structural sliding doors - single, two, three, and four leaf.
    - Acid-proof steel sliding doors - possibility to create custom designs with irre-gular shapes tailored the clients’ needs.
    - Folding and hinged doors.


    Production of steering-wheels for yachts
    Furthermore, we are able to make other elements out of stainless steel (such as rails, grips, etc.) for sailing and motor boats which may be stitched with waterproof leather according to our customers’ orders.


    Kotniz Sp. Z o.o. Sp.k

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