Eversea is a young Polish company with a team of experienced people. We provide an individual approach to each project and methods based on the latest technologies and professional service. We support innovative ideas and disseminate them in the world of sailing and water sports. We work with passion because we love what we do, and we base our business on knowledge that our clients trust.

    We specialize in decks made of Flexiteek 2G material. It is ideal solution recommended for aesthetic and functional finishing of yachts. Flexiteek doesn’t only perfectly imitates natural teak wood, but it is also a much cheaper material and definitely easier to use and maintain than genuine teak. It guarantees high level of durability and long-term satisfaction. We provide professional servicing: from pattern making to installation.

    Our offer includes also yachts and boats from the Polish producer Caravela Boatbuilders sp.k. The company provides high-quality, safe, reliable in operation and aesthetically finished watercrafts. As a representative of Caravela Boatbuilders we know that we offer the best yachts and boats produced in Poland, what is confirmed by a wide range of customers on the European market.

    Why EVERSEA? Because it is a modern look at the sailing world, the knowledge and professionalism.


    Eversea sp. z o.o.

    ul. Sakowicza 9
    81-087 Gdynia

    +48 531 182 181
    +48 792 891 363