Emzi Boats was founded by Artur Wardzyński. the beginning of activity connected with motor boats dures for the year 2009. Now the company deal with producing motor boats and selling on the eastern market and europe.

    The main element of Emzi Boats is motor boats production in series emzi 767. Exept of production area, the company also deal with designing related with boats at brand emzi design.

    For our partners the company also provides services:

    -service of motor boats

    -transport of boats in europe.

    The feature of our company is individualism and unique. Our product got a lot of awards and medals. customers and jurors appreciate our design, quality, technical solutions and sophistication of technological. as a company we try to be visible with the largest brands recognized in the country and abroad. our group of purchasers expects from us products at the highest level, while we are also open to new technology and challenges which customer has been before us.



    ul. Warszawska 302,

    05-082 Stare Babice

    +48 505 834 857
     +48 518 645 685