Zbroja Adwokaci


    We are the legal office providing comprehensive services for maritime and yacht industry entrepreneurs. The founder of Zbroja Adwokaci - Patryk Zbroja is both an advocate and a sailor. Knowing and understanding the sector, as well as being experienced in cases related to it are our basic attributes. We respect individual needs of the clients, following the rules of trust, loyalty and good communication. Our team is active, professional and committed to each case.

    We specialise particularly in:

    • corporate service of maritime economy entities and yacht shipyards, both as entrepreneurs and as employers,
    • elaboration and commenting on contracts related to shipbuilding, yacht, maritime and inland industry, e.g. leasing of machinery and devices, orders for ships and yachts equipment, charters, offshore activity, renovation and repairing of yachts and boats, organisation of sailing events, contracts with sailing equipment suppliers,
    • service of investment processes such as construction of shipping channels, constructions of ships, production of special units, production and equipment of yachts and recreational boats, construction of marinas and yacht harbours, registration of yachts and boats,
    • representation of clients before civil, administrative and criminal courts as well as before public administration authorities, including criminal cases related to incidents in water traffic such as accidents at sea and inland waters, collisions of ships, yachts or boats,
    • conducting or supporting negotiations between companies, resolving court and ADR disputes,
    • conducting cases of compensations claims for sea and traffic accidents as well as receivables resulting from CHF credit contracts.


    Zbroja Adwokaci sp.k. (LLP)

    ul. Ks. Bogusława X 9/4

    70-440 Szczecin

    reg. No.: 940439 tax No.: 8513267913

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