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    Our legal office provides services for maritime and yacht industry entrepreneurs. the founder of zbroja adwokaci - patryk zbroja is both an attorney and a sailor. Comprehension of the sector as well as knowledge and experience are our basic attributes. We respect individual needs of our clients, following the rules of trust, loyalty and good communication. our team is active, professional and committed to each case.


    We provide legal services for maritime economy entities particularly by preparing and analysing the contracts concerning shipyard, maritime and inland sectors as well as providing maritime investment service, resolving court and adr disputes. we conduct or support negotiations between companies. We also advice in international and eu law and represent the clients in criminal cases connected with water traffic accidents. In yacht industry we provide legal services for yacht shipyards entities, prepare and analyse yacth industry and water tourism contracts. We also conduct cases concernign compenstation claims for sea and traffic accidents, medical malpractice, death of closest person, evets covered by private insurance policy including ndividual seaman policies. We provide legal services for entrepreneurs from other sectors.


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