White Eagle


    Welcome to the world of luxury MOTOR YACHTS! It all starts with an idea and culminates in the construction of a state-of-the-art. BOAT. We specialise in custom-made yachts, build to the specifications of our customers; Our main assets include the supreme quality of our craftsmanship and our attention to the smallest detail. Our yachts combine cutting-edge technologies and a creative look, and every design is a well-thought-out vision, that takes into account style, functionality and safety. Our company was created to make your dreams and visions of world-class sailing come true!


    White Eagle – sailing with class. The brand was created by US – two brothers, Artur and Rafał Osipowicz, engineers by education, businessmen by trade and sailors by choice! Our fascination with yachting led us to the idea of creating a MOTOR YACHT that would meet all of our dreams and visions. And so, an idea was born to combine our passion with business and make our plans a reality.

    We started working on our plan in 2015, by building a shipyard: we invested in machines and tools and hired a team of boat building professionals. We wanted our motor yachts and boats to be built by people who were both professional and passionate about their work, who would share our commitment to ensure the highest quality of workmanship. The boatyard is currently located in the centre of Łódź, at 97 Pojezierska street. It’s in this relatively small indoor yard where our unique designs come to life under our close supervision.


    WHITE EAGLE by P.P.U. EKOWENT Sp. z o.o.

    ul. Pojezierska 97
    91-341 Łódź

    +48 509 371 668
    +48 510 099 610