We have been water enthusiasts for many years. Our passion has turned into an idea for a business – this is how Waterbus was created. We are fully convinced that our boats are made of love for water. We want our boats to be ideal, uniquely finished, preferably for people with passion.


    We are happy with all the requirements set for us by customers - and we are able to meet them.

    Of course this creates an obligation.

    All our boat models are made as customized order so we can afford such a wide range of models and its applications.
    Work platforms, touristic boats, several commercial boat models and the largest range of Houseboats.

    We also see an increasing interest of individual clients with“DIY” models that want to fulfil their dreams and build a boat based on our components.
    The customer receives from us a boat in a closed condition for individual finishing. This solution is definitely cheaper in a situation where the buyer has the appropriate knowledge and experience. The buildings of our boats are made of very durable sandwich panels. Low weight and very good insulation qualities are their main values ​​appreciated by our clients.

    The quality of our boats has been appreciated by many buyers in Poland and abroad
    Our aluminum hulls are also very popular among our customers. They are eagerly bought for further development.

    We are the supplier of these components for two the largest shipyards producing Houseboats in Europe. We produce hulls both for commercial and sport boats and in recent times very popular Houseboats. The hulls were designed and patented by us. Thanks to the use of appropriate aluminum alloys, 3D technology in designing, frame construction made of profiled sheets our structures are light and durable.

    We have developed and patented a very useful way of folding hulls for transport, which allows significant savings. We invite you to visit our website and read the details of our offer.


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    e-mail: office@waterbus.pl