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    Our 30’ years experience as a sailing yachts manufacturer gives us an unique perspective as to what creates a perfect sailing yacht. The combined know-how of German, Polish and Italian designers results in a sailing yacht line that connects innovative design with technical ingenuity, ensuring an outstanding sailing experience.

    Our 30 years’ experience as nautical manufacturer earned us a renowned place on both Polish and international market, as one of the most acclaimed and dynamically developing Polish yacht producers. Improvement and cutting-edge design are the key to our success.
    VIKO YACHTS offers two leading product lines : cruiser line including models VIKO 23, VIKO 25 and VIKO 27 DS, and sport line VIKO S 21, VIKO S 22,VIKO S 26 ,VIKO S 30 and VIKO S 35, with new models VIKO 40 and VIKO 50 soon to join our offer.
    We are constantly investing in the stock of machine tools, introducing new models each year and applying leadinge dge solutions. VIKO YACHTS has merged the integration of new technologies into craftsmanship that guides our boatbuilding. Our products are the result of combined efforts of Italian and German designers, as well as our own design team, backed up by almost 30 years’ expertise.
    VIKO YACHTS has 10 500 square meters of production space with a reliable, modern machine park. Our employees form a passionate, competent team of advisors, technicians and dedicated production employees. Over 200 units leave our two factories each year. VIKO YACHTS possesses 3 main outlets in Europe, whereas our international distribution network extends to nearly 30 dealers, allowing us to provide our clients with comprehensive customer service.
    We strive towards excellence, to provide the best sailing experience to our customers.


    Viko Yachts

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