VA Varuste Poland sp. z o.o.


    VA-Varuste is currently one of the largest manufacturers of yacht upholstery and boat textiles in Northern Europe. The company taking its origins in Finland has been specializing in production of boat canopies, marine covers, seats and cushions for fifty years.


    Many years of experience combined with innovative manufacturing technology contributed to the highest quality. Our boat textiles represent peak expertise in the field considering both quality and practical use. Thanks to high-tech 3D programming, specifically Rhino 3D modelling software, products are designed and digitalized with utmost precision to meet individualized needs of wide range of customers in marine industry. Those include significant boat manufacturers in Nordic countries as well as Central and Southern Europe.

    In 2015 the company's further success resulted in establishing a Polish branch, VA-Varuste Poland, located in Suwalki Special Economic Zone in Suwalki. Currently, VA-Varuste Poland is progressing at a fast pace constantly increasing its capacity, productivity and employment. The company has already doubled its employment since its own plant with an area of 2000m2 was built in 2017.


    VA Varuste Poland sp. z o.o.

    ul Turkusowa 10

    16-400 Suwałki

    +48 510 488 001