Sofic Sp. z o.o.


    SOFIC waterlife technology is a designing, prototyping and producing company.


    We design mechanical drive tourist and working boats, catamarans and houseboats. We undertake full range of activities  – preliminary design being the starting point. We treat this stage seriously, conscious that customers today do not buy the yacht itself but the experience of sailing. Good design first sells then maintains customer’s excitement. The further step of technical project is done meticulously, caring about usable properties but also technological and economical side of future production. We support our customers in the process of certifying, we do stability analyses.

    We produce CNC models, moulds and test products. A few
    V.I.Ps of the yacht industry used our prototyping services. The effect of prototype works is composite garden cellar launching.

    We produce single and serial boats and other composite products. We provide services for shipyard industry.


    Visit and our brands websites:

    Houseboats FLOAT waterilving solutions:

    Innovative composite garden cellars:


    Our bestsellers:

    - CNC modeling

    - individual projects and fishing catamarans.

    - garden cellars


    Sofic Sp. z o.o.

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