Sobusiak Yacht Yard has beed produced performance - cruisers since 2005. Our newest Focus 750 Performance is a shorthanded and family friendly racer-cruiser. The full crew for Focus 750 in inshore races is 3 or 4, but she can easily sail even solo. Four persons can sleep comfortably under the deck. Focus 750 is equipped with very efficient low aspect sails to compete in the regattas or to experience the comfortable life of a family cruise in total safety.

    Modern design

    Focus 750 Performance was created for sailors looking for a unique, modern but functional daily cruiser - racer for short-handed crews. Clean connection of the hull with the deck, chinned hull, low profile hatches, deck line cover, improve the design of the boat and make it very functional.

    Trailerable & Slip easily

    The Focus 750 is easy to trail because of its weight and dimensions. She is well adapted for the land transport. Being 2.50 m wide and with the weight just over 1.3 t. she can be trailed upright and even slip-launched. Thanks to a lifting keel, removable rudder blade, and a system to hoist the mast without the crane the boat can be transported even by the family car.

    You don’t need a crane to launch the Focus 750. The lifting keel and our mast lowering system make you free and independent. You can launch the boat directly from the trailer and set the mast easily.


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