SEATEC (by Bafesto)


    Every sailor knows how important it is for a yacht to choose the right cordage. The "Seatec" brand, which is the own brand of Bafesto Sp. z o.o., has decided to meet the ever-increasing demands of yachtsmen by creating high quality yachting ropes. The basis for their production are modern raw materials, modern machinery, product research, innovative technology and own technological department. Racing ropes (Racing Line) of "Norther" and "Levante Sport" type were designed with the most demanding customers in mind. The ropes use high-tenacity polyester braided cover, staple polyester intermediate braided cover and ultra-strength fibre core. This has resulted in ropes with very high parameters. Tourist ropes (Cruising Line) were created on the basis of experience in the production of regatta ropes. Their rich palette gives a wide range of applications. The Levante, Breva, Vento models are especially recommended for halyards, veneers and jackpot ropes. However, models such as Caribic, Solano and Tivano, due to their softness and comfort of use, are intended, among others, for the jibsheets and mainsail waist. Mooring Line - Uni, Uni Plus, Pop, Vision and Mooring models are characterized by excellent resistance to UV radiation, which significantly extends their life. Seatec" brand ropes, in addition to tourist sailing, have also found great recognition in the eyes of racing sailors and many manufacturers of yachts winning prestigious awards throughout Europe.


    SEATEC (by Bafesto Sp. z o.o.)

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