Pragmatical Solutions – Mini 230


    Pragmatical Solution Sp. z o.o. founded by Piotr Stankiewicz in 2018. Company continues his one-man activity in the area of single-person yachts for everyone. The original idea has already been appreciated - including journalists' award at the XIX BoatShow Fair in Łódź. The flagship product MINI 230 sells in Poland and on EU markets.


    MINI 230 is a brand-new idea on the market. It was designed in 2017. The first yachts also appeared the same year. The whole concept is our original idea and Leszek Gonciarz designed it according to our guidance’s. The MINI 230 is made using materials sourced only from local suppliers and production is located right in the heart of Mazury.

    The MINI230 is a one man racing and sailing yacht. It can be launched on even the smallest water basins. It can be used by people of all ages and disability levels.

    As the MINI230 is made out of high quality laminates, it only weighs approximately 30 kg. Additionally, the mast folds in two, making it suitable for transport on a car roof rack.

    The yacht features a modern shape and an extremely slim cabin. The helmsman sits in a companionway with their head looking over the small cabin, operating the rudder and sails from there.

    MINI 230 – technical data
    Length: 2.30 m
    Beam: 1.20 m
    Draft (including daggerboard): 60 cm
    Weight: 35 kg (45 kg with daggerboard and full rigging)
    Displacement: up to 140 kg
    Sails: 3 m2

    Mast height (folds in two): 3 m



    Al. Jerozolimskie 82 (26 piętro/floor)
    02-001 Warszawa

    +48 603 793 754