The company was founded in 1991 in Gliwice. The main course of action was the licensed production of Optimist Class boats and the construction of composite moulds on a polyester and epoxy basis. The second significant direction was the activity in the field of sailing regatta training conducted at the Water Sports Training Center at Dzierżno Lake. The next years of activity were focused on a new business profile closely related to the composite industry. Currently, the company brings together experts who work in each of the organized teams to meet the individual needs of composite product’s manufacturers.

    The range of technological support includes the following issues:

    - scientific and research descriptions and technical opinions.

    - environmental protection issues in composite manufacturing plants.

    - optimization of composite production processes (raw materials, technology, machines).

    - installation and startup machines for the production of polymer composites.

    - design of composite structures.

    - design of technological processes for the production of composites by selected methods.

    - support for technological enterprises in the implementation of projects related to composites.

    - technical training for employees.

    Using the rights it possesses, the company also performs the tasks of technical inspector and measurer of class yachts of the Polish Yachting Association.


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