NOVOL is a leading European manufacturer of coating products for the automotive, industrial, construction, shipbuilding, and composite industries. NOVOL’s NAUTIC product line includes a wide selection of two-component assembly adhesives (based on polyesters, vinyl-esters and epoxy resins) for binding laminates and fixing reinforcement pieces, deck carlines and beams, as well as sandwich panelwork.
    For over many years, NOVOL has been supporting the production of leading shipyards from Poland and abroad. Supplied assembly adhesives are characterized by high quality (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standard), strength and resistance to overload resulting from the use of boats and yachts. The NAUTIC line also features putties for polyester mould repairs and modelling, a liquid laminate solution, and STP polymer compounds.
    NOVOL is also the manufacturer of the CREATOR tooling system, designed for producing large format models using CNC machine tools and mould protections products.


    NOVOL Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Żabikowska 7/9
    PL 62-052 Komorniki

    tel.: +48 61 810 98 00

    Bogdan Rogowski
    Brand Manager NAUTIC, CREATOR
    tel. 601 064 683