Navigo Boats, Yachts & Yachting


    Navigo Boats, Yachts & Yachting is a Polish company with roots in family business, which was the response to the demand of sailing and motorboat sports enthusiasts. Navigo is an authorized representative of yachts producers and also as an international yacht broker provides service for sellers or buyers of used yachts or boats .

    As we have permanent need for continuous development we couldn not  limit Navigo's activity to the local market. We have active representatives and partners all over the  Europe in countries such as the Netherlands, France, Norway, Spain, Finland and Croatia, as well as in the USA, Canada and Far East countries such as China and Thailand.

    New boats and yachts (producers representation):
    - high quality partnership,
    - reaching new markets and groups of customers.

    Yacht broker (sale):
    - marketing service and sales optimization,
    - maximizing the value of the boat or yacht for sale.

    Yacht broker (purchase):
    - advisory in choosing the suitable watercraft,
    - ensurance of the purchase security,
    - logistics support,
    - assistance in finance obtaininig,
    - support needed after purchasing.


    NAVIGO Bartosz Lenikowski
    ul. Jankiela9
    80-119 Gdańsk

    (+48) 58 719 39 09