Navigo Boats, Yachts & Yachting


    NAVIGO Boats, Yachts & Yachting is a Polish company from the largest seaside city in Poland - Gdańsk, with roots in a family business, which was created as a response to the demand for enthusiasts of sailing and motorboating sports. The most important services of Navigo as an international yacht broker is representative of producers, support for sellers or who want to buy new or used yachts or boats.
    Cooperation with NAVIGO Boats, Yachts & Yachting will allow you to be confident about the quality of partnership in the sailing industry. The network of our partners in Europe and in the world will give you access to a wide range of potential customers.


    Here are the advantages of working with us:
    • Maximize the value of the boat you sell:
    Getting an attractive payment for a boat means one thing: the need to access a wide range of buyers and effectively reach the most interested group.
    • Hassle-free transaction:
    NAVIGO as yacht brokers will not only find a suitable buyer for the boat you are selling, but will help ensure a hassle-free transaction that will leave both parties satisfied.
    • Assistance in the field of logistics and purchase financing:
    Thanks to sales experience, negotiations, boat transport organization and many other issues, we can take care of every aspect of the sale. Constant cooperation with financing entities ensures a more efficient process of obtaining funds in the case of such a requirement.


    New boats and yachts (representatives of manufacturers):
    • high-quality partnership,
    • reaching new markets and a new group of customers.


    Yacht broker (sales):
    • marketing service and sales optimization,
    • service of interested in purchasing,
    • maximizing the value of the boat you sell.


    Yacht broker (purchase):
    • advice on choosing the right boat,
    • purchase security,
    • logistics support,
    • assistance in obtaining financing,
    • supporting processes after the purchase of a boat.


    NAVIGO Bartosz Lenikowski

    Marina Przełom
    ul Przełom 24,
    80-643 Gdańsk – Górki Zachodnie

    ul. Jankiela 9
    80.119 Gdańsk, Poland

    (+48) 58 719 39 09