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    CEO Eng. Marcin Szumski has been in the yachting business since 2012, working tirelessly at building relationships and providing highest-quality client service, while keeping his investors satisfaction. His credo // we make dreams come true // is known to almost everyone who knows has had an opportunity to meet and work with him. Marcin is always expanding his portfolio of serviced brands of motor boats to meet the needs of his investors, building lasting and responsible business relationships.

    Authorized dealer of yachts and houseboats:

    • La Mare Houseboats - professional, ecological APART houseboats offer a built in sewage treatment and photovoltaics, these all-year-round water-homes are produced by the largest shipyard of its kind in Europe. The structure mimics that of a catamaran with a total surface area of 30 m2 up to 75 m2 in category D.
    • Gulf Craft – world class luxury yachts and superyacht, Majesty Yachts, Nomad motor SUVs and ORYX cruisers, manufactured in the United Arab Emirates. Top tier quality of craft, durability and attention to detail are obtained at outstanding value. Yachts from 38 to 175 ft in categories A and B.
    • Etiuda Yachts - a brand of boats with internal combustion and electric engines of the Polish Markos shipyard, a recognized manufacturer of yachts in Europe. Extremely popular in the Netherlands and Scandinavia in categories C and D.


    • Yacht and charter management
    • Crew services
    • Marketing & events
    • Servicing and equipment
    • Sea and land transport
    • Insurance and financing
    • Business relationships
    • Business Consulting
    • Legal support

    Kontakt Marcin Szumski

    ul. Poznanska 74

    62-080 Tarnowo Podgorne

    tel.  +48 601 57 00 75