Koga is a manufacturer of polyester-glass laminates. We manufacture products from various fields, such as the automobile industry, waste treatment plant covers, furniture, advertisements, kiosks or sailing equipment.


    A great share in our production are cooperative products, being either a fully final product made for a single recipient, or only a component of the final product. Many years of experience and qualified staff allow or quick introduction of new products.

    Since the beginning of the Company, we have produced hundreds of kayaks, angling and recreation boats and canoes that sail on the European waters to this day.

    A great prat of our production focuses on manufacturer on moto and sail-motor boats for several European contractors.

    Strawberry shaped kiosks produced by us enjoy a great interest. They are purchased by planters from around Europe for sale of this fruit.

    We produce domes for astronomical observatories of various sizes for Scope Dome.

    We also have our share in the automobile industry. We manufacture toilets for coaches for the leading producers of buses in Europe and body parts for cars and motorcycles.


    Koga Sp. z o.o.

    ul. Koszalińska 14

    77-200 Miastko