Janmor Yacht Yard


    JANMOR - 40 years of tradition

    Janmor is the oldest private yacht yard in Poland. We are a family company, established out of passion for sailing. With the experience and professional knowledge of our personnel, we offer boats and yachts of top quality at a reasonable price.


    The reasons why doing business with us is worth considering:

    • We have an Approval by Germanischer Lloyd

    • We work with materials of top quality, which makes our yachts and boats very long-lived

    • Our employees are qualified and have many years of experience

    • We are constantly expanding the offer of our yacht and motorboat. We produce boats for other companies under their brand, these contractors include companies from Italy and Norway

    • We have considerable experience in constructing boats with electrical propulsion

    • We manufacture various products from polyester glass laminates

    • We combine tradition and modernity

    • We treat all clients and their needs individually

    We are open to new partners, we will carry out every idea – from the design, through the model and mould, to the end product.


    Visit our website at:www.janmor.com.pl

    Work with us, because quality matters


    ul. Łódzka 15

    Janmor Yacht Yard

    95-015 Głowno

    (+48 42) 719 33 44

    Fax (+48 42) 719 27 63