GT Yachting Consulting


    GT Yachting Consulting specializes in yacht construction, yacht management, business strategy and development, and international organization of dealer networks.

    At GT Yachting Consulting, we share your passion for the freedom of life at sea and are uniquely qualified to support you in the negotiation, specification, construction supervision, transport, and delivery of your new yacht while ensuring you are free to explore and enjoy, we manage so you can focus on your passion, the sea!

    Support for Boat and Yacht Builders, Component Part Manufacturers, and Service Providers

    1. Factory Management, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, and Business Development
    2. Dealer Network and Sales Development
    3. Sales of Manufactured Yacht Components and Services
    4. Yacht Construction Project Management, Documentation, Production, Supply Chain, Final Testing and Surveying.
    5. Sales Trainings in dedicated areas like Cooperation with the client, Communication, Proper Yacht Configuration depending on the region and individual requirements.
    6. Support in the Construction of Public Investments: Marinas, Yacht Service Centers.
    7. Legal Support.
    8. Organization of Yacht Transportation- Vessel and Road Transport
    9. Organization of Yacht Deliveries by Sea – Professional Crew
    10. Organization of Yachting Events
    11. Other individual Requests, Please Inquire!

    Support for Individual Clients and Yacht Owners

    1. Organization of Individual Yacht Services
    2. Advice on the New Yacht Purchase, Negotiations, Technical Advice.
    3. Advice on the Technical Assessment and Condition of a Preowned Yacht.
    4. Mediation between the seller and the buyer in the purchasing process.
    5. Supervision over the Yacht Construction as a Buyer’s Project Manager – Verification of Documentation, Surveying, Technical Advice, Regulation Compliance
    6. Legal support in Yacht Purchase
    7. Surveying in terms of Warranty.
    8. Yacht Surveying in case of Loss- Report to Insurance Company.
    9. Organization of Yacht Transportation- Vessel and Road Transport
    10. Organization of Yacht Deliveries by Sea – Professional Crews
    11. Organization of Yacht Events
    12. Other Individual Requests and Needs, Please Inquire!


    GT Yachting Consulting

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