Faced with the limitations and inefficiencies of existing electric boat propulsion systems, Star Investments has developed an efficient, maintenance-free and reliable E-TECH propulsion system. Due to the experiences of satisfied users, now these drive systems can be found all over the world. Star Investments has been on the market for 35 years, and has been specializing in the production of electric boat motors for 15 years. Over the years, E-TECH has produced and delivered nearly 1,000 electric motors for 45 different countries around the world.


    E-TECH is a global brand manufacturer in the electric motors for boats market. E-TECH offers engines of various power, from 4kW to 35kW. E-TECH is one of the market leaders in the manufacture of electric motors for boats, producing brushless, synchronous permanent magnet motors.


    The advantages of this innovative solution are:

    -No brushes, no maintenance required

    -High performance

    -Compact dimensions

    -High power and high torque

    Such an electric drive can also be a generator, in this mode it can charge the batteries while sailing or in hybrid mode to ensure even longer battery life. All engines are made of seawater-resistant aluminum, so that none of the E-TECH drive systems will ever corrode.

    As a manufacturer, E-TECH is able to produce and modify engines taking into account the needs of each client. Production takes place entirely in Poland. E-TECH is not only electric motors, it is a whole system based on the technologies of our BLDC motors. The engine kit includes: engine, engine controller, throttle, display and other necessary accessories that allow the installation of the system without worries about additional accessories.

    In the E-TECH portfolio you will find innovative POD type technology engines, this engines are placed directly in the water, which allows you to obtain high power engines without taking up space on the boat. Internal E-TECH WG engines fit perfectly replacing old diesel engines, which facilitates its installation and reduces the engine installation time to a few hours. The mounting (suspension) is adapted to individual needs.


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