DAS Yacht Center Sp z o.o.


    Since the very beginning in 1990, our shipyard Das Yacht Center is focused on high quality of manufactured products. It is first private shipyard established after ‘89 that started mass production of yachts. Our boats Ocean 760 and Ocean32 were nominated to the prize Yacht of The Year by „Die Yacht” magazine. Moreover, our Albatros 4.30 was awarded with Yacht of The Year 2016 prize by magazine „Żagle”. Currently, we are manufacturing custom motorboats, yachts and catamarans fulfilling individual needs of our customers. We are also preparing models and forms for composites, and making composite elements for shipbuilding, automotive and various other industries. We have a great deal of expertise in the field of producing composites out of carbon fabrics by method of resin infusion. Recently, we have established cooperation with Finot Group. Our Albatros 4.30, made entirely of carbon composite, was designed by Jean Marie Finot. For us collaboration with a such magnificent designer, is an opportunity to meet expectations of even most demanding clients.


    DAS Yacht Center S.C.

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    e-mail: biuro@dasyacht.com.pl