Craft Yachts Poland


    Craft Yachts Poland yacht shipyard is a place where we manufacture composite products. We specialize in motor and sailing yachts. Our products are made in the process of manual lamination, by the craft method. The production includes motor boats and sail boats for Optimist children. Our boats can sail on very shallow inland waters, canals, lakes and lagoons. Our "deep V" hulls are perfect for the high seas. The boats have appropriate certificates. Our main product is the Baltica 660 weekend motor yacht, a mini weekend hauseboat for sea and inland tourism, where you will find two double sleeping berths, a bathroom with a sea toilet, mini shower, sinks, stove, external tent and an internal table and outdoor, and many other accessories necessary for a successful weekend on the yacht. All boats are manufactured with due attention to detail and details. We equip boats with engines at the customer's request. Baltica is the premiere of 2019. In the coming years we are planning to launch next yacht models. Quick lead times.


    Craft Yachts Poland shipyard provides services in the field of:

    - Construction of weekend and sailing yachts

    - Construction of Optimist sailboats for children

    - Manual lamination - repair, maintenance, including water scooters, building custom molds

    - Comprehensive yacht service based on developed and delivered projects

    - Machine park offering: milling, turning, welding, bending, CNC etc.

    - Sales and maintenance of outboard engines

    - Construction of steel components for yachts, ballast fins etc.

    - Yacht charters


    We are eager to cooperate with companies interested in our products in the area of ​​sales, promotion, advertising, and mainly export in Europe and other countries wanting to represent our products abroad.


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