Connected Boat


    ConnectedBoat is an innovative solution that allows remote monitoring of key parameters of the boat. All data is available in the user friendly application on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. It increases safety of the boat while staying on board as well as when miles away.


    Installation of the ConnectedBoat system with necessary sensors allows to:

    • monitor boat parameters during cruise: location, speed, direction, ignition status, battery voltage, engine hours and battery level of the ConnectedBoat device;
    • receive notifications in case of: smoke, gas, exceeded water level in the bilge, door or window openings, movement on board, theft of outboard engine, triggered anchor alarm, tracker low battery level;
    • remotely control devices on the boat (e.g. lighting, bilge pump or air conditioning);
    • create zones and receive information about the boat leaving a user-defined area;
    • create zones and receive information about the boat entering into a userdefined area;
    • have access to the complete history of cruises and boat parameters;
    • create charters and add crew members;
    • share cruise data with crew members and i.e. with service companies;
    • share cruise details using social media.

    ConnectedBoat uses innovative and reliable solutions that has been tested during last years. ConnectedBoat system/devices (e.g. thanks to waterproof casings) are highly resistant to external conditions. All components have been carefully selected to provide the highest level of safety.

    The platform can be used by both business customers (yacht manufacturers, charter companies, lessors, insurers) and individual customers: boat owners and users.


    Connected Boat

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