CE Design


    CE Design is a young growing company represented by MScEng Adriana Kasprzak. Owner is a graduate of the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology at Gdansk University of Technology, with experience in the yacht industry in Poland and abroad from 2010, in the field of certification process of the boat supervise and development of design and construction solutions in the aspects of CE a s well as in the field of 3D modeling and design of installations and systems on motor yachts.



    Based on European regulations (primarily the RCD 2013/53 / EU, ISO standards), international (ie CORLEG), American (mainly ABYC, USCG) CE Design offers professional and reliable services in the field of certification:

    - supervision of the process of certification of boats and the related counseling

    - inspection of the boat in order to verify the compliance of the craft with regulations

    - certification documentation performing (calculations, drawings, specifications etc)

    as well as in the following areas:

    - design of installations and systems on vessels

    - 3D modeling


     CE Design

    ul. Wieniawskiego 26/4,

    44-113 Gliwice

    +48 885 044 344