ALTAQUESTA is a company active in electronics branch. The company operations began in 2012, its goal was to create and produce new innovative electronic solutions for the equipment of yachts, motorboats and special vehicles. It sells its products under AMPERFLEX brand, which is being promoted in the yachting industry and sailing markets.

    Altaquesta specializes in yacht electric and electronic installations, especially in their metering.
    The company conducts research and development activities. Thanks to this work innovative solutions have been created, such as the On-board Mini Monitor battery and tank monitoring system. It allows monitoring up to 6 batteries or 6 tanks. This is probably the most functional, universal and cost effective system for managing of energy and media on the yacht.

    <span style="font-size: small;"AMPERFLEX widely using new technologies in their products. The company has developed isolators (separators) to charge the batteries, which are built innovatively with MOSFET transistors but in SMD technology. All devices are controlled by modern powerful 32-bit ARM microprocessors, data is transmitted in a digital networks, effective power systems ensure minimal energy consumption.

    The AMPERFLEX brand is also famous for its control and distribution panels, which are custom made for specific size. They are characterized by modern design, exceptional functionality and aesthetics of finish.

    The AMPERFLEX offer includes:

    - monitoring and measure panels
    - control and distribution panels
    - isolators and low voltage battery protectors
    - tank sensors
    - chargers and inverters
    - breakers
    - electric equipment (busbars, switches, connectors)
    - LED lights
    - solar panels
    - navigation electronics



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