Agachem company was established by a group of friends who have been working on the market of professional cleaning products for many years. We carry with us a full baggage of knowledge and experience. We can advice how to maintain the perfect cleanliness. This is why we have decided to create own product line. Our goods are distinguished by the perfect care of stable quality and the right balance between value to price.


    Agachem has been producing and distributing sanitary cleaning products for several years.

    Our products are based on modern formulations. Thanks to this, their effectiveness is extremely high.


    Our products:

    MOBILE TOILET - liquid for tourist toilets, used on yachts, campers, coaches and also on cruise planes.

    Proper selection of ingredients makes the final product highly effective and safe.

    The main ingredient is used in medicine and other important industries.


    Mobile Toilet is an innovative creation due to:

    Lack of aldehyde forms and thickeners, what simplifies mixing of the product,

    An unusual fragrance,

    High concentration, which means less chemical consumption and contribution to protection of the environment,

    Can be used in the lower tank and the upper cistern of portable toilets,

    The most important product features:

    It reduces the formation of gases, sediments and unpleasant odors.

    It accelerates decomposition of portable toilet's contents.

    It works effectively in the temperature range between -20 up to +40 ° C.

    It actively operates at an average temperature of +27 ° C for about 15 days.

    In November 2017, at the Katowice Fair our "MOBILE TOILET" received the prestigious prize: "THE NAIL OF WIND AND WATER TRADE SHOW", awarded for the last 26 years.

    Odor Stop - modern solution for odor neutralization.

    It contains active molecules, thank to which it removes not only the effects but also the causes of the unpleasant smell.

    It leaves no stains.

    It contains no allergens

    It works very fast



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