3bros is a family business that was born out of watersports passion. Our mission and challenge is to promote active, yet safe and ecological water leisure. We complete our mission by offering compact motorboats – water gokarts; unique product that was not present on the market so far.


    3bros shipyard products are created based on the following conceptual fundamentals:
    - maximum feeling – steering man position which is our unique and patented development, makes water slide fun of water gokart incomparable with any other;
    - ease of access and use – 3bros water gokarts are surprisingly ease to use; thanks to its compact size and very low own weight, even 10 horse power outboard engine allows to make the boat to slide on water; custom designed bottom part of the vessel causes that the water gokart reacts to every steering wheel move, as if it was race car.
    - ecology – 3bros works mostly with electric engines, what allows to enjoy having fun even on ‘silent area’ waters; on the other hand hence adjusted to small power combustion engines, 3bros water gokarts minimize their impact on the environment.
    - safety–3bros water gokarts are impossible to get overturned, unsinkable and thanks to getting into water slide at relatively low speed (as early as 30 km/h) they ensure unbeatable safety level, when compared to other motorboats
    - friendly priced –at 3bros we do care about our water gokarts remaining fairly accessible in terms of pricing. Ensuring comparable level of fun and emotion, 3bros water gokarts remain few times cheaper than substitutive vessels, such as water jets.


    So far 3bros has developed from the scratch and patented two water gokart models:
    1. Single person 3bros ONE
    2. 2-3 person 3bros 2FREE



    Al. Jerozolimskie 181B

    02-222 Warszawa

    tel.  +48 606-374-189